“It’s unbelievable how much creativity you can fit into a glass slipper.”


 Men With make-up – Limited edition

Men with makeup is a photo book with 42 Dutch and Belgian drag queens
The book is made by photographer Marjolein van Hout. She worked for 2,5 years on this project.
Why? To show how beautiful and diverse Drag Queens are. Are you interested in the book or an exhibition of photographs from the book? Contact Marjolein


“To me, being a Drag Queen adds a new dimension to my creative world, and gives me a temporary escape from reality. It’s fun being a woman, but rather a means than an end in itself.
I’m strongly inspired by the world of pop, and wish to express this by imitation or reinterpretation of these icons. It’s a creative bridge to another world.”
2015 The book Men with make-up is on the short list of the Athenes Photofestival
2015 participation Maastricht Colours You, Pink Saturday

4 and 5 October atelierroute Eindhoven, Eindhoven Lijsterbesstraat 21A
July 2014, Bookstore, Gianotten Mutsaers Tilburg
June 2014, exhibition Bookstore, Pierre Eindhoven
March 2014, exhibition at Miss Travesty elections, Café Peanuts, Tilburg
January 2014, Men with make-up” exhibition COC Maastricht, Maastricht

January 24th, 2014, “Men with make-up” at the Lellebell Amsterdam! Special Night, be there !

January 19th, 2014, Talk Show SPAM !
January 11th – Januar 22 2014 Pictures from ‘Men with make-up’ will be exposed at COC Maastricht

Pictures from the book “Men with makeup will be exhibited in USINE, lichttoren 6, Eindhoven (opposite Media Markt) on December 7th and 8th 2013

Saturday 7 December 2013  13.00 hr till 17.00 hr
Sunday 8 December 2013 10.00 hr till  17.00 hr

1 december 2013, Dutch national television, @ Eva Jinek

1341_Boek_MenWithMU_240x330_FC_DEF2.inddSchermafbeelding 2013-12-03 om 10.15.09

“I’m a Drag Queen because I couldn’t express my flair and class as a man.”